How do you match the paint?
We use a state of the art computerised paint matching system using environmentally friendly paints which are mixed on site.

How long does it take? 
Typically between 2-4 hours depending what needs to be done on each repair.

How much does it cost?

It is difficult to cost anything without seeing it, all jobs are different, a SMART repair would usually be a lot cheaper than a traditional bodyshop.  Give us a call and arrange a free absolutely no obligation quote.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we fully guarantee our work.

Can I wash my car after the repair?
Yes with warm soapy water.  We would recommend not taking it through a carwash for a few days to allow the lacquer to fully cure.

What do you require to carry out the work?
We would need access to a power socket, off street parking (driveway, carpark or private road) as long as it is safe to work.

Do you cover my area?
Always willing to travel a reasonable distance as long as it is cost effective for me. The furthest I have travelled is the Isle of Man!

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