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Car scratches come in various guises; some scratches are very light and can usually be polished out as long as it has not broken through the lacquer/clear coat whilst others may need further work.

Key Scratches - where the panel has been deliberately keyed.

Car Key Scratch DamageCar Key Scratch Repair

Car Park Scratches - accidental scratches caused by shopping trolleys, coat zippers and shopping bags

Accident Scratches - where a car or motorbike has scratched the car or if the car has collided with a wall post or other protruding object.

Car Scratch DamageCar Scratch Repair

Repairing Scratches

These scratches can be fixed, the very deep ones will be filled with a filler primer applied then repainted while the shallower scratches will be sanded out re-primed and painted.


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