Car Dents

Dents come in various guises whether it is an accident where either the driver or another vehicle has collided into yours or accidental car park dings where car doors have been opened and hit your vehicle.

Below pictures demonstrate a wheel arch dent repair on a BMW Estate.

Dented Wheel ArchDented Wheel ArchDented Wheel Arch


Dent Repairs

Repairing deeper dents is more time consuming firstly the dent will be pulled out as much as possible to ‘shallow’ the dent so as not to have to apply too much filler, it is always best to keep the filler to a minimum.

The lesser dents are slightly easier to repair although again time consuming the repair process is the same as the deeper repair.

Below pictures demonstrate a wing dent repair on a Peugeot.

Peugeot Car Dent Repair

Peugeot Car Dent Repair

The dent is ready to be pulled out 
 using a glue tab. 
The dent has been removed as much as possible 
to allow a mimimal amount of filler.


Peugeot Car Dent Repair

Peugeot Car Dent Repair

The first skim of filler is applied and sanded
 to shape using a coarse grade of sandpaper.
A smoother filler is applied and again 
sanded using a finer grade sandpaper.


Peugeot Car Wing Dent Repair

Peugeot Car Dent Repair

Primer is applied to the whole repair and sanded
 with 800 grade sandpaper ready for paint.
Finally painted and lacquered.  
Finished repair!

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