Motorbike Fairing

Smart Auto Body Repair also carry out repairs on motorbikes which may of been involved in an accident or need a scuffed, cracked or scratched panel repairing.

Fairing Repair 'Suzuki Telefonica MoviStar' TL1000
Motorbike Fairing repair Motorbike Fairing Repair
The bike had fallen and grazed the
fairing just below decals.  We were asked
if the scratches could be repaired
without losing the stickers.
Close up of damage
Motorbike Fairing repair Motorbike Fairing repair
Damaged scuffs were sanded away prior
to masking and priming
Damaged repaired area was primed
and then 'flatted'  with 800 grade wet
and dry paper ready for colour coat.
Motorbike Fairing repair
The whole area was then colour painted
and  a clear lacquer applied to shine and
protect.  The picture shows part
of the masking removed prior to the
area being baked off with infa red lamps.


Fairing Scratch/Scuff Damage Repair

Fairing Scratch/Scuff Damage Repair

Fairing Scratch/Scuff Damage Repair

This bike had 'gone down the road' it
had damaged the seat cowl area also the
front fairing.  The repair would be a little
more  complex due to 3 colours needing paint.
The white seat along with the black had to be
masked off and sprayed separately.
Part of the top edge had been
worn away so this had to be built back up
with a special filling resin/glue.
Fairing Scratch/Scuff Damage Repair Fairing Scratch/Scuff Damage Repair
Repaired seat area.
Repaired fairing.


Broken Piece Seat Area/Fairing

The bike had fallen breaking a piece from the
seat area.  The owner had glued the piece
in place as a temporary repair.
The repair was drilled at the ends to stop the
damage spreading any further.  The piece was
glued back along with a fibre glass patch
fitted to the back.  Two pack primer
was applied before final coat applied.

Finished Repair.  The owner was aware that
the sticker would need replacing.

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