Scrapes, Dents and Scuffs

A Kia Cee'd that had been scraped on a wall, it had dented on the dog leg part of the wheelarch, the dent had

to be pulled out, rust was starting on the exposed metal this was ground out and treated to prevent any future

problems, the dents were filled and shaped. The repair was then covered with primer this was then flatted to

make it nice and smooth and then 6 coats of paint was required to ensure good coverage of the primed area

and then finally lacquered and polished. I received a nice testimonial from the customer making my job very worthwhile.

Scraped Kia Cee'd Scraped Kia Cee'd


Badly dented Ford Focus rear Quarter Panel, the dent had to be reduced by using a stud welder and pulling out

the dent to get the basic shape back, this was then filled and re-profiled by sanding into shape. Primer was

applied prior to painting then 5 coats of paint was sprayed on. After it was all dry then 2 coats of lacquer was

applied and baked. When the panel was dry and cool it was then polished for a deep shine.


Dented Focus Rear Quarter Panel Dented Focus Rear Quarter Panel

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